Historic Firehouse No2

Eclectic and unique, Historic Firehouse No2 is a popular destination for events of all sizes. Perfect for any occasion, wedding  and reception, birthday party, dance or business banquet, this unique space provides a marvelous opportunity to team up with your favorite design and catering team or have Firehouse staff build your event.

Functioning as a firehouse until 1987 when the building next-door burned down, the silver lining in that cloud was a most amazing transformation into a lush garden courtyard, complete with a Greco-Roman folly, a mini-temple nestled in a setting of shade trees, limestone benches, fountain, birdbath and lots of flowers.

Mary and  Paul, the Collette and Parker of Collette Parker Restoration and owners of Historic Firehouse No2 since 1995, treat everyone like family. They are proud of their turn of the century venue and love bringing it to a new century where it can become the setting for wonderful celebrations and the site of important events. They are continually making improvements to enrich your Historic C-Street experience. It is their goal to serve you in a manner that leaves you with a warm and lasting impression.